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Nerf Chain Gun

Source … Engadget I’m definitely in the wrong line of work. details their howto HERE.

Pepsi Sweepstakes Delivers

I finally got the Trek 820 bike I won with Pepsi Sweepstakes

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Pepsi Sweepstakes – Yes, It Does Work

I actually won a prize from

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Big Show Has A Little Eee PC

I finally buy an Asus Eee 8G PC. Here’s some pics with information.

$140,000 Hot Wheels Car

Source … Gizmodo To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Mattel’s toy car line, they unveiled an $140,000 23-carat encrusted Hot Wheels car. The toy was made by a celebrity jeweler, Jason of Beverly Hills, using 2700 blue, black, and white diamonds placed on the car’s 18-kt gold frame. Rubies are used as the car’s taillights. [...]

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