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Reason To Use MUTE On Facebook Chat Rooms

There are some really classy people at Facebook. Take for instance the following chat that took place in a Zynga Texas Hold’Em chat room. This guy, J.F., wanted some chips from what I presumed was a friend, A.W., a rather attractive girl from her profile picture. J.F.: a. send me sum chips plzz hun A.W.: [...]

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Pornstar Or Potato?

From the makers of T-Shirt Hell… Pornstar or Potato. My score card is below.

Google: Pet Marriage Tales Of Pirates

I don’t even want to know, but there’s over 3,000,000 results for it.

Social Networking: Last Round

My final word on Last.FM, Twitter, and Facebook.

, , , Settle Up Your Differences In The Arena

I’m not much a fan of online games. This of course is a small lie as I’ve been engrossed with Mob Wars and Street Racing at Facebook for the last month. But in the most part, online games don’t attract my attention, which is normally in short supply. MyBrute sets you up with your own [...]

Social Networking – Part 2: The Expansion

Despite my reservations about Facebook and Twitter, I’ve decided to venture out more into the social networking ecosphere with accounts at both.

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Orthogonal Terwilliger Accordion Unleashed

The effects of Slashdot on the Internet can be extreme. Because of a post about Google’s SearchWiki possibly being used to send secret messages, a lot of people are now searching for Orthogonal Terwilliger Accordion.

, Redirect Phenomenon

Google suddenly redirects me to I think it’s software related and I find I’m correct, just not my software.


Hurricane Tracking Map At

Watch the paths of severity of every hurricane known from 1851 to the present at

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Increase In Malware Linked Spam

I’m seeing an increase in malware linked spam tricking users to update their Flash software.

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