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Vacation August 2011 – Day 1

On my first day of vacation, I woke up.

None Of Western Digital’s Business

Western Digital candidly accepts the fact that sometimes it really isn’t any of their business.

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Ubuntu Tweak

Ubuntu Tweak is an add-on to simplify the customization of the Ubuntu/Gnome environment that anyone can use.

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Obesessed With Mines

Mines (aka Minesweeper) provides more entertainment than simply flagging mines.

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ZDNet: Annoying Software: A Rogues’ Gallery

ZDNet highlights the most annoying software to date.

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Designed For … Linux?

Major computer companies announce the strategy for further Linux support.

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I Don’t Do Windows

I broke the Windows with a smile.

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Microsoft Makes Good On Screwup

Microsoft finally makes good on a screw up by sending a XBox fanboy’s wet dream to Nathaniel.

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New Toy Lowers Productivity

I have neglected the mighty Big Show blog. I blame the Eee PC.

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Big Show Has A Little Eee PC

I finally buy an Asus Eee 8G PC. Here’s some pics with information.

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